Introductory webinar on the draft GCF Sectoral Guide: Climate Information & Early Warning Systems

2 June 2022

  • Event type Webinar
  • Participation
    By invitation only
  • Date 2 June 2022
  • Location Virtual

In connection with the GCF Sectoral Guides Consultation launched on 6 May 2022, this webinar will present the draft GCF Sectoral Guide on Climate Information & Early Warning Systems Draft and include a Q&A session. 

The GCF Sectoral Guide on Climate Information & Early Warning Systems provides an overview of country needs and evidence-based programming experiences in the relevant sector. It also aims to identify opportunities for high impact, paradigm-shifting investments in each sector to guide proposal development for the GCF in line with its investment criteria during its first replenishment period 2020-2023. The draft guide was developed through a consultative and collaborative process with technical experts from the sector. 

Two sessions of the webinar will be conducted in English with interpretation to French and Spanish. Participation in the webinar is by invitation. 

  • 2 June 2022, 8:00 - 10:00am KST in English and Spanish 
  • 2 June 2022, 6:00 - 8:00pm KST in English and French

Session 1

Session 2