Readiness and preparatory support proposal template

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Readiness and preparatory support proposal template

This document will be retired under Readiness 2024-2027

GCF is transitioning to a programmatic approach to readiness according to its new 2024-2027 Readiness Strategy. Learn more about the new approach here.

National Designated Authorities (NDA) and/or Focal Points (FP) submitting readiness support proposals must complete the revised Readiness and Preparatory Support proposal template along with the relevant annexes which includes, the logical framework (Logframe) and budget, procurement, HR & implementation plan. The completed proposal template should provide an overview of the proposed activities, the justification for such support based on the analysis of the country needs, the expected outputs and outcomes and how they will achieve the desired impact, and implementation arrangements for the readiness support.

In addition to the completed Readiness support proposal, NDAs should submit the following additional completed files as part of the application package to GCF: 

  1. Readiness Proposal Logical Framework: The Logical Framework (Logframe) Template allow the National Designated Authorities (NDA) and/or Focal Points (FP) and the Delivery Partners (DPs) to identify and select relevant output results that are aligned with the 5 board approved objectives and 18 board approved outcomes along with their corresponding output indicators. This Logframe template is developed using Microsoft Word with dropdown functions that allow consistency for results monitoring and reporting. To effectively complete the Logframe, NDAs and DPs should have better understanding of the Readiness Results Management Framework’s Grant output level Indicator Reference Sheet (IRS), which lists the output indicators with clear definition, instructions for proposal development, and instructions for reporting.
  2. The budget, procurement, HR and implementation plan

Please refer to the revised GCF Readiness Guidebook for further detailed guidance on how to complete the Readiness support proposal template, including the Logframe (Word version | Excel version) and the budget and procurement plan.

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