Programming guidelines for the Simplified Approval Process

The SAP Programming Guideline, a vital element of our extensive GCF documentation suite, equips stakeholders with essential insights into the SAP's key objectives, policies, and a range of tools. Grounded in the GCF Investment Framework, the guideline delineates the Investment Criteria and the Fund's impact goals. It aids project developers in determining whether the SAP is their optimal funding avenue, guiding them through the nuances of proposal preparation and providing detailed steps for submitting SAP projects or programmes.

Complementing this, a flyer version of the SAP Programming Guideline is available. This condensed format presents an executive summary that encapsulates the simplified approval process, highlights focus areas and eligibility criteria, and serves as a quick reference guide. It also includes links to additional support and resources, ensuring comprehensive understanding and easy navigation for all users.

Cover date 21 December 2023
Document type Publication Guides