GCF Strategic Plan 2024-2027 overview

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GCF Strategic Plan 2024-2027 overview

Through decision B.36/13 the GCF Board adopted GCF’s Strategic Plan 2024-2027, setting out GCF’s major programming directions for GCF-2, capturing the ambition to deliver both strengthened climate results and greater access for developing countries as the world heads into a critical decade for global climate action. 

The Strategic Plan for 2024-2027 articulates how GCF will significantly enhance its support to developing countries, improve access, and strive to deliver the highest levels of catalytic impact through its key assets – financial resources, partnerships, convening power, people and knowledge. 

This overview provides a brief synopsis of GCF’s Strategic Plan.  For more details about the Strategic Plan, visit here.  

Cover date 08 December 2023
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