Accreditation strategy of the GCF

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Accreditation strategy of the GCF

The Board adopted at with decision B.34/19 the Accreditation Strategy, which clarifies the GCF operating model and guides the evolution of the GCF network of AEs in order to deliver on the GCF’s mandate, objectives and programming directions.

Cover date 20 October 2022
Document type Policies, strategies, and guidelines
Table of contents
  1. Enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and inclusiveness of the GCF accreditation and re-accreditation process

  2. Strategically use accreditation of partners to advance the goals of GCF by filling gaps in capabilities and coverage to deliver on high quality, transformational and paradigm-shifting programming while increasing the share of direct access entities

  3. Optimize incentives for partners to invest in a dedicated capacity to programme for GCF

  4. Review