B.21/04: Workplan of the Board for 2019

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.21/16 titled “Workplan of the Board for 2019”:

  1. Approves the workplan of the Board for 2019, as set out in annex III;
  2. Requests the Co-Chairs to update the workplan following each meeting of the Board;
  3. Decides to defer consideration of the following matters and requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Co-Chairs and the relevant committees, panels and groups of the Board, to progress its work on these matters and present these for consideration by the Board in 2019:
    1. The development of the risk management framework and its remaining components requested pursuant to decision B.17/11, paragraph (g);
    2. Opportunities to engage the private sector, including local actors, in adaptation action at the national, regional and international levels, requested pursuant to decision B.17/06, paragraph (d)(ii);
    3. The detailed guidelines and procedures for the Independent Redress Mechanism, requested pursuant to decision B.13/24, paragraph (b);
    4. The review of the live webcasting service for formal meetings of the Board, requested pursuant to decision B.BM-2018/07, paragraph (b);
    5. The proposed approach to developing the GCF environmental and social safeguards standards, requested pursuant to decision B.19/10, paragraph (c); and
    6. The independent evaluation of the implementation of operational guidelines and the effectiveness of the Project Preparation Facility in order to draw lessons learned no later than the end of the initial resource mobilization period, requested pursuant to decision B.13/21, paragraph (e); and
  4. Decides to consider in 2019 a proposal in response to the guidance from the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change at its twenty- third session regarding privileges and immunities, requested pursuant to decision B.19/02, paragraph (d).