B.18/01: Workplan of the Board for 2018

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.18/21/Rev.01 titled “Work Plan of the Board for 2018: Proposal by the Co-Chairs”:

  1. Approves the work plan of the Board for 2018, as set out in annex I;
  2. Requests the Co-Chairs to update the work plan following each meeting of the Board;
  3. Reaffirms paragraph 18 of the Rules of Procedure that states the provisional agenda of each meeting of the Board shall be prepared by the Secretariat and distributed, with the approval of the Co-Chairs, at least 30 calendar days before the meeting of the Board in accordance with paragraph 18 of the Rules of Procedure;
  4. Reaffirms paragraph 21 of the Rules of Procedure that states the Secretariat will transmit to Board members and alternate members the documentation relating to items on the provisional agenda at least 21 calendar days before the first day of the meeting scheduled, except in case of extraordinary meetings and in exceptional circumstances where, in the view of the Co-Chairs, a shorter period for the transmission of documentation is warranted;
  5. Invites the Co-Chairs, in the case of exceptional circumstances which warrant periods less than 21 days for the transmission of documentation, to provide a timetable with the date by which the said documentation will be transmitted;
  6. Requests the Executive Director of the Secretariat to take all necessary measures to ensure the timely preparation of documents to allow for the circulation of such documents as per the timelines identified in the Rules of Procedure as per paragraphs (c) and (d) above;
  7. Decides that formal meetings of the Board will continue to be webcast live until the end of 2019;
  8. Decides to consider the establishment of the Independent Appeals Panel requested pursuant to decision B.12/35, annex XXIX, paragraph 28, between the eighteenth and nineteenth meetings of the Board; and
  9. Decides to consider the terms of reference for the independent evaluation of the Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme between the eighteenth and nineteenth meetings of the Board.