B.17/01: Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs, including the outcomes of the Co-Chairs’ consultations, and the updated Board Work Plan for 2017

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.17/Inf.09 titled “Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs” and GCF/B.17/Inf.09/Add.01 titled “Addendum to the report on the activities of the Co-Chairs: Updated work plan of the Board for 2017”:

  1. Takes note of the updated Board work plan for 2017, as set out in annex I;
  2. Decides to defer consideration of the following matters and requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Co-Chairs and the relevant committees, panels, and groups of the Board, to progress its work on these matters and present these for consideration by the Board at the earliest possible opportunity:
    1. Work programmes of the committees, panels and groups of the Board, including the actions outlined in the strategic plan in their respective deliberations and work programmes, as appropriate, throughout the Initial Resource Mobilization period, requested pursuant to decision B.12/20, paragraph (f);
    2. The GCF communications strategy, requested pursuant to decisions B.04/14 and B.13/25;
    3. The report on the outcomes of the annual review of the financial terms and conditions of the GCF financial instruments, requested pursuant to decision B.15/05, paragraph (b);
    4. Proposals on indicative minimum benchmarks as noted in decision B.14/07, paragraph (e);
    5. Recommendations on further steps to enhance cooperation and coherence with the Technology Executive Committee and the Climate Technology Centre and Network, requested pursuant to decision B.14/02, paragraph (d);
    6. Options on how the GCF can support collaborative research and development in developing countries, requested pursuant to decision B.14/02, paragraph (f);
    7. Alternative policy approaches for the integral and sustainable management of forests, requested pursuant to decisions B.12/07, paragraph (e) and B.14/01, paragraph (b);
    8. Policies and procedures for contributions from philanthropic foundations and other non-public and alternative sources to the Initial Resource Mobilization process, requested pursuant to decisions B.11/05, paragraph (d) and B.14/01, paragraph (i);
    9. A fund-wide Indigenous peoples’ policy, requested pursuant to decision B.15/01, paragraph (a);
    10. The further development of some indicators in the performance measurement frameworks as contained in document GCF/B.13/26, titled “Further development of some indicators in the performance measurement frameworks”, requested pursuant to decisions B.08/07, paragraph (b) and B.13/34;
    11. The method and criteria for prioritization of entities applying for accreditation, requested pursuant to decision B.14/08, paragraph (d)(ii);
    12. Modalities for the use of third‐party evidence in the accreditation process, requested pursuant to decision B.14/08, paragraph (e)(i);
    13. An assessment, including a gap analysis, of the Adaptation Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy (approved in November 2013 and amended in March 2016) and Gender policy (approved in March 2016) in line with the GCF interim environmental and social safeguards and gender policy with recommendations on their potential accreditation or fast-tracking, requested pursuant to decision B.14/08, paragraph (e)(iii);
    14. The review of funding for the Project Preparation Facility, requested pursuant to decision B.13/21, paragraph (f);
    15. The outcome of the performance review of the members of the Accreditation Panel, requested pursuant to decision B.BM-2017/03, paragraph (e);
    16. The final report from the review of the independent Technical Advisory Panel’s structure and effectiveness, requested pursuant to decision B.15/06, paragraph (c);
    17. Modalities for the qualitative and quantitative review of the webcasting service requested pursuant to decision B.12/35, paragraph (f);
    18. The approval of the revised terms of reference for the independent Redress Mechanism, requested pursuant to decisions B.13/24, paragraph (e), and B.15/12, paragraph (c);
    19. The complete work plan and budget of the Independent Evaluation Unit for 2017, requested pursuant to decision B.16/07, paragraph (b);
    20. The presentation of the outcome of the Co-Chairs’ consultations and recommendations based on lessons learned from the current application of financial terms and conditions, requested pursuant to decision B.12/17, paragraph (c);
    21. The document on the mobilizing of private sector finance to progress the GCF forestry-related results areas, requested pursuant to decision B.14/01, paragraph (a); and
  3. Decides, recalling decision B.12/39, paragraph (a), to approve the continued application of the corporate procurement guidelines on the use of consultants and the corporate procurement guidelines for goods and services, until the Board shall have approved the revised guidelines.