B.01-13/08: Establishment of the independent Secretariat: Guidance on administrative policies of the independent Secretariat

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.01-13/04 Administrative Policies of the Independent Secretariat,

  1. Requested the Interim Secretariat to further explore the feasibility of the options presented in document GCF/B.01-13/04, including a United Nations common system, a multilateral development bank system and a United Nations common system – multilateral development bank system hybrid option based on the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Asian Development Bank, in its further work on preparing the administrative policies of the independent Secretariat and prepare a working document for an intersessional decision by the Board on a no-objection basis;
  2. Decided that, upon an intersessional agreement of the Board, all necessary documents to this effect will be commissioned during the course of the next months and be ready for consideration by the Board at its next meetings in line with the timetable set out in Annex XVII to this report to ensure the transition from the Interim Secretariat to the independent Secretariat by December 2013;
  3. Decided that, should the Board not agree intersessionally to an option for the administrative policies of the independent Secretariat, the matter be brought forward to the Board for consideration at its June 2013 meeting.