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Colombia COL

Latin America and the Caribbean


Amount requested for readiness 4762255
Amount approved for readiness 4065405
Amount disbursed for readiness 1049639


all projects that include activities within the country

National Designated Authority (NDA) / Focal Point

for interaction with GCF

National Planning Department
Mr. Diego Dorado
General Territorial Deputy Director
+57 381 50 00 ext. 13101
Calle 26 #13-19, Edificio Fonade
Bogota, 110311 Colombia

GCF team

Jessica Jacob
Country Dialogue Specialist

Readiness Activities

support to enhance country ownership and access to GCF

Delivery Partner
Readiness Area
Asobancaria Strategic Framework 14 Feb 2018
Fondo Acción Adaptation Planning 08 Jan 2018
APC-Colombia NDA Strengthening and Country Programming 29 Jun 2017

Concept Notes

this is our pipeline: draft proposals that may be submitted to GCF for Board consideration in future

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