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Country profiles

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Country Profiles Country Profiles

Chad TCD


National Designated Authority (NDA) / Focal Point

for interaction with GCF

Ministry of Agriculture and Environment
Mr. Koularambaye Koundja Julien
+235 6628 9347
+235 9947 5706
Avenue 10 October, N'Djamena, Chad

GCF team

Country Dialogue Specialist & Regional Advisor

Adeyemi Sandra Freitas
Country Dialogue Specialist
Florence Richard
Regional Advisor

Readiness Activities

support to enhance country ownership and access to GCF

Delivery Partner
Readiness Area
CSE NDA Strengthening and Country Programming 03 Nov 2016


all projects that include activities within the country

Concept Notes

this is our pipeline: draft proposals that may be submitted to GCF for Board consideration in future

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