Pegasus Capital Advisors


  • Type International
  • Date of accreditation 20 Oct 2018

Pegasus Capital Advisors (PCA) is an organisation headquartered in the United States of America that operates internationally. The applicant provides strategic growth capital to middle-market companies operating in the sustainability and wellness sectors and focuses its investment on investments within both the sustainability sector, such as renewable energy, waste and recycling, and agriculture amongst others.

Accreditation timeline

Accreditation term 1

13 Apr 2020 - 12 Apr 2025

Accreditation date

20 Oct 2018

AMA execution date

30 Mar 2020

AMA effectiveness

13 Apr 2020

Term end date

12 Apr 2025

Entity details

  • Size
    • Micro
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Environmental and social risk category
    • Category C
    • Category B
    • Category A
    • Intermediation 3
    • Intermediation 2
    • Intermediation 1
  • Fiduciary standards
    • Basic
    • Project management
    • Grant award
    • On-lending/blending:
    • Loan
    • Equity
    • Guarantee
    • Blending




The Blue Green Bank (BGB)


Multiple countries

CRAFT - Catalytic Capital for First Private Investment Fund for Adaptation Technologies in Developing Countries


Multiple countries

Global Fund for Coral Reefs Investment Window


Multiple countries

Global Subnational Climate Fund (SnCF Global) – Equity


News + Stories

GCF approves Project Preparation Facility grant to establish Barbados green bank

18 Nov 2022 / Caribbean’s first green bank will mobilise financing for climate resilient, low carbon initiatives in the region  

GCF partnership with Pegasus set to protect coral reefs across 17 countries

06 Apr 2022 / The Green Climate Fund’s (GCF’s) first private sector support for the blue economy has taken a step further in bolstering coral reefs from the climate crisis. GCF has signed a funded activity agreement with Pegasus Capital Advisors to unlock USD 125 million of GCF investments in the Global Fund for Coral Reef, an innovative programme which harnesses private sector finances to increase the resilience of coral reefs.

GCF signs public-private partnership agreements to launch Global Subnational Climate Fund

23 Feb 2021 / The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has joined forces with Pegasus Capital Advisors and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in an innovative bundling of public-private financing to plug a funding gap for sub-national climate initiatives. GCF announced it has signed funding agreements with both organisations during a virtual briefing session for UN representatives in New York about the Global Subnational Climate Fund (SnCF Global), created to address a major deficit in climate finance.