The Green Climate Fund’s Strategic Plan is a living document, that sets out the Board’s long-term strategic vision for the Fund, as well as its strategic objectives and portfolio targets, strategic priorities and operational priorities for the current programming period.

The current updated Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 was adopted at B.27, to guide the Board in addressing policy gaps and programming GCF resources for the first replenishment period. Progress in implementation has been reported annually, and can be found in documents GCF/B.28/Inf.10/Add.03 and GCF/B.31/Inf.02/Add.02. The GCF Independent Evaluation Unit has also conducted a synthesis study and a rapid assessment on GCF-1 which will also inform strategic planning.

At its 32nd meeting, the Board decided to launch an open, inclusive, transparent consultation process to inform the review and update of the Strategic Plan for the GCF’s second replenishment period, 2024-2027. The overall timeline is set out below:


Date Milestone
B.32 May 2022 Board decision on the review and update of the Strategic Plan and GCF-2 planning
10 June 2022 Open call for submissions
B.33 July 2022 Informal discussions on the review and update of the Strategic Plan and launch of the replenishment process
10 August 2022 Close of the call for submissions
31 August 2022 Secretariat synthesis of submission inputs
Second half of 2022 Stakeholder engagement and consultations
B.34 October 2022 Zero draft of the review and update of the Strategic Plan
By 16 December 2022 Circulation of first draft to Board and active observers for consultation
To 27 January 2023 Board and active observer consultation on first draft including technical session/s
20 February 2023 Publication of second draft
B.35 March 2023 Board discussion on second draft
March to June 2023 Facilitated Board consultation process
19 June 2023 Facilitated Board consultation process
B.36 Summer 2023 Board to conclude consideration of the update of the Strategic Plan


All GCF stakeholders, including Board and alternate members, National Designated Authorities, Accredited Entities, active observers, observer organizations, parties to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement, members of GCF panels and groups including the indigenous peoples advisory group, and others were invited to submit views on the review and update of the Strategic Plan in writing to the Secretariat.

The Secretariat will also be conducting a series of engagements with stakeholders over the second half of 2022, with further details and dates to be updated in course.

Consultations on the review and update of the USP

Stakeholder Date
AGN 27 Jan 2023  
Canada 27 Jan 2023
China 29 Jan 2023
Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg 28 Jan 2023
Finland, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland 27 Jan 2023
France 27 Jan 2023
Germany 28 Jan 2023
Ireland, Spain, New Zealand 27 Jan 2023
Italy, Austria, Portugal 27 Jan 2023
Japan 2 Feb 2023
Saudi Arabia 27 Jan 2023
South Korea 7 Febr 2023
Sweden 27 Jan 2023
United States 27 Jan 2023
United Kingdom 28 Jan 2023
Active Observers 11 Feb 2023
GRULAC 4 May 2023


The GCF Secretariat put out a call for inputs from all fund stakeholders on the review and update of the Strategic Plan 2024-2027, with a requested submission date of 10 August 2022.

This synthesis report presents a synthesis of submissions and inputs received by 31 August 2022.

Submissions can still be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected], and will be uploaded to the GCF webpage as they arrive.

Participants to the replenishment process were also invited to provide inputs by 25 November 2022, if not done already.

Submissions on the review and update of the Strategic Plan 2024-2027

Stakeholder Date
UNDP 28 Jul 2022
IFAD 4 Aug 2022
IDB 4 Aug 2022
IDCOL 9 Aug 2022
GIZ 10 Aug 2022
CGIAR 10 Aug 2022
Save the Children Australia 10 Aug 2022
Stakeholder Date
Spain 4 Aug 2022
Italy 8 Aug 2022
South Korea 8 Aug 2022
China 8 Aug 2022
Canada 10 Aug 2022
Germany 10 Aug 2022
Ireland 10 Aug 2022
Switzerland and Finland 10 Aug 2022
United Kingdom 10 Aug 2022
France 11 Aug 2022
African board members and alternates 12 Aug 2022
United States 18 Aug 2022
Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group 18 Aug 2022
Saudi Arabia 26 Aug 2022
Stakeholder Date
Nepal 3 Aug 2022
Democratic Republic of Congo 8 Aug 2022
India 10 Aug 2022
Sri Lanka 10 Aug 2022
Zambia 10 Aug 2022
El Salvador 11 Aug 2022
Stakeholder Date
Iceland 11 Aug 2022
New Zealand 16 Sep 2022
Stakeholder Date
Sweden 26 Nov 2022
Switzerland 29 Nov 2022
Stakeholder Date
CTCN & TEC 17 Dec 2022