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Operations of the Board

The Governing Instrument sets out that the Fund will be governed and supervised by a Board that will have full responsibility for funding decisions. It also sets out the full range of roles and responsibilities attached to the functions of the Board.  

Policies under this category set out the procedures for the conduct of Board operations, including procedures for decision-making and participation of Advisers during Board Meetings.

Policies and decisions

Operations of the Board
3 policies
Adopted by decisions B.01-13/01 and B.12/36. Sets out the rules of procedure in the conduct of business of the Board of the Green Climate Fund.
Adopted by decision B.23/03 and updated by decision B.32/10. Sets out procedures for adopting decisions in the event that all efforts at reaching consensus have been exhausted adopted. Previous procedures adopted at B.23 were applicable between B.23 and B.32
Adopted by decision B.04/11. Establishes the procedures of advisor participation in Board meetings and conduct of advisors.
Adopted by decision B.32/11. Sets out the circumstances and conditions for when a decision without a Board meeting may be requested.
Adopted by decision B.32/11. Elaborates guidance for management of objections pertaining to decisions without a Board meeting.
Adopted by decision B.32/09. Sets out the general guidelines for the operation of Board committees covering membership, chairing arrangements, accountability mechanisms, terms of reference and the scope of Secretariat support to committees.