B.04/11: Additional rules of procedure of the Board: Participation of advisers

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.04./11, Participation of Advisers in Board Proceedings,

  1. Adopted the Guidelines on the participation and conduct of advisers in Board meetings as set out in Annex I to this document;
  2. Requested the Interim Secretariat to publish the Guidelines on the Fund’s website;
  3. Decided to implement Option 2 as presented in paragraph 18 of document GCF/B.04/11 (‘Funding would be provided from the administrative budget of the Fund for the travel costs associated with Board meetings of one designated adviser per eligible developing country Board member and alternate member’) as the basis for providing funding for the participation of adviser travel to meetings of the Board until the adoption of the Fund’s overall travel policy, and requested the Interim Secretariat to reflect this in the Fund’s overall travel policy.