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41 funders, partners endorse new guiding principles for financing climate and health solutions to protect health

COP28 Nov 30 - Dec 12

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A unique fund for humanity’s greatest challenge A unique fund for huma grea

As the world’s largest climate fund, GCF accelerates transformative climate action in developing countries through a country-owned partnership approach and use of flexible financing solutions and climate investment expertise.


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Plugging the finance gap in the Caribbean

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GCF, UNDP and WHO join forces to ramp up climate health support for developing countries

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The Green Climate Fund, the Global Partnership for Education and Save the Children launch the world’s largest investment for green schools at COP28

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Delivering climate action: GCF and partners sign agreements for six new projects

How to access climate finance How to access climate finance

How to access
climate finance

GCF works to increase access for developing countries, which means quicker, simpler, with harmonised standards, delivered closer to local communities, and catalysing more funding.

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Fishers in West Santo Province, Vanuatu are seeing decreasing fish sizes in their catch. Photo: Nikiatu Kuautonga/Save the Children

Project impact stories

The voices of Datem del Marañón: Protecting one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world

Before this project, we did not know how to harvest the tree. Our ancestors used to cut it down. This new technique is much more efficient. When we harvest, we preserve branches so that animals can feed.

Segundo Chanchari
Aguaje palm tree escalation technician

On the frontlines of climate change: Financing the largest community-based adaptation project in Vanuatu

We women depend on fishing along the coastline to provide fish for our families, but most of our catch now is much smaller than the ones we caught here in the past years.

Jennie Jenery
Villager from Efate Island in Vanuatu

Cambodia's climate action game-changer: resilient agricultural value chains

I have just received a new rice variety this year [2020]. I planted it in June and harvested it in November. I'm thrilled to say that the increased yields were as high as I had hoped.

Sam Dany
Farmer in Kampong Cham Province

Recently approved projects

GCF is delivering impactful climate action
where it’s needed most

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Thai Rice: Strengthening Climate-Smart Rice Farming


Community Resilience Partnership Program


Scaling up climate resilient flood risk management in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Building Resilience of Vulnerable Communities to Climate Variability in Rwanda’s Congo Nile Divide through Forest and Landscape Restoration


Building climate resilience in the landscapes of Kigoma region, Tanzania


Staple Crops Processing Zone (SCPZ): Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains


Africa Rural Climate Adaptation Finance Mechanism (ARCAFIM) for East Africa region


Rwanda Green Investment Facility (RGIF)


Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP 2)


Project GAIA ("GAIA")


Renewstable Barbados Project


Strengthening Climate Resilience of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) Health System


Marajó Resiliente: Enhancing the resilience of smallholders to climate change impacts through adapting and scaling up diversified agroforestry systems in the Marajo Archipelago of Brazil


Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility – LoCAL


Enhancing Climate Information Systems for Resilient Development in Sierra Leone

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