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  • Video date 05 Apr 2024

Reflections on climate action: How do climate investments impact people's lives?

"Stories are incredible...and this is why it's important to come...and witness the impact that these investments have on their lives...so that we can show the world why we need to scale these investments." — GCF Executive Director Mafalda Duarte, during her visit to GCF #climateaction projects in Kenya and Rwanda In September 2023, GCF ED Duarte visited Africa and saw first-hand the impacts of GCF-financed projects on rural communities. Learn more about the projects KawiSafi Ventures Fund: https://g.cf/fp005 Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund (ARAF): https://g.cf/fp078 Strengthening Climate Resilience of Rural Communities in Northern Rwanda: https://g.cf/fp073