RFQ 2022/032: Catering Services for GCF (IEU) retreat

The GCF is seeking to engage a firm to deliver catering services for IEU team building and planning retreat in 2023. The retreat will be outside of Incheon and thus we will require lodging, transport, and conferencing facilities. 

The hotel must provide 25 rooms and a conference room in Yeosu, South Korea;
Arrival on the 23rd (late morning 11 am~) and departure on the 25th morning;
Easy to access using public transport.

Proposals must be submitted to the GCF no later than Thursday, 04rd November 2022, 19:00 hours

Publication date 28 October 2022
04 November 2022
Procurement type
Request for quotation
Reference # RFQ 2022/032
Status Closed