RFP 2023/027: Long Term Agreement (LTA) for the Provision of Insurance Package and Benefits Brokerage Administration Services for Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund (“GCF”) is seeking contract a qualified, reputable and experienced Firm to provide Insurance Package and Benefits Brokerage Administration Services for the Green Climate Fund. The terms of reference included in Annex 1 provides the details of the services and expected deliverables. GCF will establish a Long-Term Agreement for the initial period of 3 years with a possible extension of an additional 2 years, subject to the satisfactory performance of the LTA holder. 

Proposals must be submitted to the GCF no later than 15 September 2023 @ 23:00 hours Korean Standard time.

A Pre-Proposal meeting will be held via MS Teams on 25 July 2023, at 16:00hrs Korea time. The names of representatives of proposers who will attend the pre-proposal meeting shall be submitted in writing to [email protected]  and [email protected]  at least 01 working day before the pre-proposal meeting is to be held. The pre-proposal meeting shall be conducted for the purpose of providing background information.

Publication date 18 July 2023
15 September 2023
Procurement type
Request for proposal
Reference # RFP 2023/027
Status Closed