RFP 2019/S/023: LTA for Training and Facilitation Services

The Green Climate Fund supports the development of knowledge, skills and competencies of its staff that enable them to effectively achieve the mandate of the Fund. In this regard, the Fund seeks to enter into non-exclusive Long Term Agreements with qualified firms that offer training and development services in any of the following areas of specialty:

  • Climate Change Economics
  • Climate Finance
  • Carbon/Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting and Reporting
  • Climate Change Governance and Policy
  • Communications
  • Organizational development and change management
  • Management and leadership development
  • Coaching services
  • Facilitation of various activities e.g. team retreats/building

Proposals must be submitted to the Secretariat no later than 10 June 2019 at 17:00 hrs  Korean Standard Time.

Please note that the Addendum 1 to the GCF RFP/2019/S/023 has been published, including the responses to the clarification requests received. The Addendum can be found under Supporting Documents.

Publication date 09 May 2019
10 June 2019
Procurement type
Request for proposal
Reference # RFP 2019/S/023