RFP 2019/S/003: Consultancy services for the Independent Assessment of GCFs ESS

Through this request for proposals (“RFP”), the IEU/GCF is seeking to contract a qualified, reputable and experienced Firm / Organization to undertake the independent assessment of GCF’s Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESS). Firms and organizations are eligible to apply for this RFP. If your firm/organization does not have all the expertise for the assignment, there is no objection to your firm/organization associating with other firms or independent experts to enable that a full and competitive team is proposed. If this is the case, the applicant firm/organization must submit letters of agreement signed by authorized representatives of all parties including individual experts indicating (i) who signs the contract with GCF (ii) who is responsible for the receipt of the payments; and (iii) statement that none of the consortium members will hold GCF liable for any dispute among the members. Furthermore, all risks and indemnities will be borne by the signing organization or firm. If a bid is successful, there will only be one signatory organization or firm and the signatory firm or organization will be responsible for ensuring that all team members are remunerated and managed appropriately. For the purposes of this RFP, IEU/GCF and GCF are one legal entity and the terms are used inter-changeably.

The assessment of the GCF’s environmental and social safeguards (ESS), including the Environmental and Social management system (ESMS) will evaluate the extent to which past and current social and environmental safeguards, the ESMS and the policy have been useful and have helped mitigate key risks for the Fund with a special focus on LDCs, African countries and SIDS. The assessment will determine which current safeguards can be strengthened and examine their implementation in GCF-funded projects and projects under implementation. It will assess how environmental and social considerations may be used and mainstreamed in the best possible manner to help inform the GCF’s work in this space.

This assessment is required to be undertaken during the first eight months of 2019. This highprofile assessment will produce a final report that will be shared with the GCF Board in September 2019. The terms of reference included in Appendix 1 provide details of the assignment and expected deliverables.

Sealed proposals must be submitted to the IEU/GCF no later than Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 5.00 pm Korean time (KST).

Publication date 29 January 2019
19 February 2019
Procurement type
Request for proposal
Reference # RFP 2019/S/003