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Strong partnerships between countries and entities central to delivering GCF mandate

Accredited Entities of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and developing countries are key partners in working with communities to turn the Fund’s mandate into concrete actions on the ground. That was one of the main messages to emerge from a consultation between the Fund’s entities and the Co-chairs of the GCF Board that was held on the sidelines of the 16th meeting of the Board at GCF Headquarters.
Representatives from 30 of the Fund’s 48 Accredited Entities attended the event, which provided an opportunity for exchange with the Board’s two Co-chairs, Mr. Ayman Shasly of Saudi Arabia and Mr. Ewen McDonald of Australia.
In their remarks, the Co-chairs underscored the important role of the Fund’s entities, especially Direct Access Entities, in delivering results on the ground. They noted the Fund’s 23 sub-national, national and regional entities are well placed to work with their countries in helping identify and prioritize country-owned and led climate change projects and programmes for GCF funding.

“Accredited Entities are close to countries — you are on the ground and you know the situation and needs,” said Mr. Shasly.
Mr. McDonald added that “country ownership is a central pillar of the GCF and this translates into action through strong partnerships between countries and entities”.
Several interventions from Accredited Entities focused on the work programmes that countries and entities prepare to set out their engagement with the GCF and map Readiness support needs, as well as the projects and programmes for potential GCF funding support.
Entity representatives shared the value of the work programme exercise and offered ideas on ways to increase exchanges among the Fund’s 48 entities, to foster south-south learning and capacity strengthening, but also to enhance collaboration with countries.
The GCF Structured Dialogues will be a key avenue to advance cooperation and peer-to-peer exchange across the growing GCF partner community.