Remarks by Héla Cheikhrouhou, GCF Executive Director, at the 13th meeting of the Board

  • Article type Press release
  • Publication date 01 Jul 2016

Good morning Board members,

Partners, observers, civil society organizations, and private sector representatives, Colleagues,

Today is my last day with the Green Climate Fund Board. For me, this is a day of reflection and inner peace.

I would therefore like to share with you some of my deep-rooted beliefs that have kept me going over the past three years:

It all seems impossible, until it is done. My sweat and my tears throughout these three years are my heartfelt gifts to all the disenfranchised across the world, particularly women and low-income households. They are suffering from the consequences of the climate crisis we face; impacts that we are only beginning to comprehend.

To me, the Green Climate Fund was conceived as a catalyst for transformational change to respond to this climate crisis. GCF is perfectly positioned to scale up our collective efforts to migrate to low-emission and climate-resilient societies, everywhere.

The Paris Agreement and Nationally Determined Contributions provide the high level framework that give us clear guidance to contribute to that objective. Now we need to start implementation. We need to identify, develop and implement the enabling country-level reforms and investments that are required.

I thank my son Adam, my husband Yassine, my mother Latifa, and my sisters Leila and Sarra. Without their love and remote support, I would not have been able to deliver on my heavy duties.

I pray for our collective climate action to succeed. At the very least, I pray that we succeed in limiting the number of innocent lives that will be lost in the decades to come.

To Board members and partners, I appeal to you to think of the famous words of one president who challenged a generation to take on a monumental task, but through a climate lens: "Ask not what Climate Action can do for you. Ask what you can do for Climate Action."

I would like to thank the Board and you all present here today for your support and cooperation during the past three years.

I would also like to thank all my colleagues in the Secretariat for their tremendous hard work, for their collaboration, their support and encouragement — carrying out what is often an unsung, highly demanding role.

I believe in this institution, and I wish you all and our Green Climate Fund to succeed.

Thank you.