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Growing water awareness in tackling climate challenge

Effective water management is playing an increasingly key role in responding to climate change, the acting head of the Green Climate Fund Secretariat has told an international water symposium in Hungary.

“Water is cited as part of adaptation action in 93 per cent of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions,” Executive Director ad interim Javier Manzanares told the Budapest Water Summit 2016, referring to the agreements in which different nations are charting their climate action plans under the Paris Agreement.

Mr. Manzanares said the international climate change conference in Marrakech from 7 to 18 November this year showed just how important water has become in considering ways to reduce emissions and prepare countries for the future onset of climate change.

“Climate variability and weather extremes already pose great risks to water management and sanitation,” he said. “But, managed well, water provides solutions to climate action. For instance, many efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions depend on reliable water resources.”

The Green Climate Fund has already approved 13 water-related projects totaling USD 334 million,” explained Mr. Manzanares, while stressing the importance of climate finance and improving water management in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 was held on 28-30 November by the Hungarian Government in cooperation with the World Water Council.

The final statement of the High-level Panel on Water will be available here.