The Green Climate Fund receives 2020 FutureEdge 50 Award from International Data Group, Inc. (IDG)

  • Article type Press release
  • Publication date 17 Dec 2019

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has been named an honouree of a 2020 FutureEdge 50 Award from IDG’s CIO. This prestigious honour is bestowed upon worldwide organisations pushing the edge with new technologies to advance their business results and impact for the future.

GCF received the award in recognition of its creative and daring achievements and concepts for easing and accelerating work with and by its hundreds of partners united in the common fight against climate change.

Yannick Glemarec, Executive Director of the GCF, said: “Our mandate is to empower developing countries to innovate, accelerate and scale up investments to match the urgency of the climate crisis. This often requires taking risks and pushing the envelope to capitalise on the latest technologies. I am very pleased and encouraged to see GCF’s strategies and achievements in information management recognised and categorised as leading-edge practice.”

GCF’s Head of ICT & CIO, Stefan Zutt, added: “In our case the award’s name could not be more fitting. The entire organisation is determined to maximise the impact of GCF’s portfolio of climate interventions by shaping and executing a multiyear tech-enabled journey. Based on a foundation of boosted efficiencies and increased transparency, GCF aims to deepen its cooperation with partners and enhance synergies among all stakeholders.”

Nebi Bekiri, Manager of Enterprise ICT Programme Management Office, noted: “We continue to leverage advanced technologies to create innovative solutions that drive efficiencies and deliver best-in-class solutions. This award acknowledges the critical importance of GCF’s multidisciplinary teams to the success of digital delivery. We are focused on digital experiences that go beyond traditional efforts by implementing transformative digital strategies and technologies.”

About the FutureEdge 50 Awards

The FutureEdge 50 awards recognise organisations pushing the edge with new technologies to advance their business for the future. The successor to the Digital Edge 50 awards, the FutureEdge 50 will recognise not only established initiatives driving business success but also early-stage projects pursued for their watershed potential. These initiatives may be in R&D, proof of concept or pilot phases. With this, the FutureEdge 50 awards aim to bring the most cutting-edge trials and applications of emerging technologies – and the innovative cultures enabling them — to our audience at the AGENDA conference.