GCF publishes the tentative funding proposal schedule for B.27

  • Article type Press release
  • Publication date 16 Jul 2020

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has published the tentative timeline for its twenty-seventh Board meeting (B.27) following the decision (B.BM-2020/07) by the Board to hold B.27 during the week commencing 9 November 2020. It is also noted that the twenty-sixth Board meeting (B.26) will take place virtually from 18 to 21 August 2020.

GCF acknowledges the extraordinary circumstances and fast-changing situations worldwide due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, the tentative timeline below is subject to change depending on further decisions taken by the GCF Board regarding the date for B.27. The timeline lists key dates leading to the Board meetings, where the Board decides on funding proposals brought forward by GCF Accredited Entities.

Kindly note that funding proposals submitted to GCF are reviewed on a rolling-basis and the tentative review time is approximately 180 days from Funding proposal submission to the Board’s consideration. In light of various steps undertaken within the Secretariat before submission to the independent Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) (including technical review, project appraisal, and endorsement processes by the Secretariat’s Climate Investment Committee), funding proposals should be submitted to the Secretariat as soon as available.


Key Milestones for B.27 (Tentative) Dates
Deadline for disclosure of ESS reports for category A and I-1 projects/programmes 10 July 2020*
Submission to the independent TAP for public and private sectors 18 August 2020
independent TAP meeting (to take place virtually, subject to change) 17 to 24 September 2020
Deadline for disclosure of ESS reports for category B and I-2 projects/programmes 9 October 2020*
Publication deadline 19 October 2020
B.27 Week of 9 November 2020

* Per paragraph 17 of GCF’s Information Disclosure Policy, the AE shall disclose the ESS report/s in English and the local language (if not English) in the project/ programme location. The report/s shall be disclosed (i) in the AE’s website, (ii) in locations convenient to affected peoples, and (iii) to the Board and active observers by way of a notification via the Secretariat. The deadline for such disclosures shall be 120 days (A or I-1) or 30 days (B or I-2) in advance of the AE’s or GCF’s Board decision, whichever is earlier.

** Please note that all funding proposals submitted since B.25 should use the latest funding proposal template. The new revised template and relevant annexes can be found on the GCF website.