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GCF launches new website ahead of Board meeting

Livingstone / Songdo,
On the occasion of its 11th Board meeting in Zambia, the Green Climate Fund has launched a new website, redesigned from the ground up. With a focus on creating an intuitive and engaging user experience, greenclimate.fund captures not only the Fund’s innovative approach to support climate action but also its growth potential.

The new site is optimized for smart phones and tablets, to offer streamlined access to the GCF website on the go.

“The new GCF website is more than just a redesign — it presents a new way to learn about the Fund and engage with us,” said GCF Executive Director Héla Cheikhrouhou. “As greenclimate.fund will be the first entry point for many of our partners and stakeholders, we wanted a design that centres on their diverse needs, from developing countries looking to access funding to contributors wanting to invest in low-emission and climate-resilient projects.”

Greenclimate.fund’s top-level navigation is structured around the Fund’s main business areas: “Ventures” for information on funding, accreditation, country readiness support, and the private sector facility; “Contributions” for up-to-date information on resources; and “Boardroom”, a one-stop shop on the Fund’s governing body.

A dedicated page for the upcoming 11th Board meeting provides a complete set of documents, which will be updated during the session.

The new site also features a new, separate portal that enables developing countries to access GCF’s readiness grants online.

“Our new sites come at an important moment in the Fund’s development and just ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. It signals we are open for business and ready to support implementation of the Paris agreement.”

As the website places emphasis on strong visual cues, visitors are drawn to new content intuitively, providing a faster way to identify the latest information on the Fund. Additional phases of the website redesign will be rolled out in the coming months to encompass all areas of the Fund’s work.