B.29 Board meeting this week: USD 500 million in climate finance under consideration

  • Article type Press release
  • Publication date 28 Jun 2021

The twenty-ninth meeting of the GCF Board will take place from 28 June to 1 July. The meeting will take place virtually, and you can follow the sessions live each day from 21:00-01:00 KST / 12:00-16:00 UTC. 

The agenda for this meeting, the second of the year, includes the consideration of new Funding Proposals. The project proposals that will be considered by the Board total over USD 500 million in climate finance for adaptation and mitigation. Alongside these proposals, the Board will consider a range of other matters including the approval of new applicants to be accredited entities - the partners who undertake GCF projects. There are also a number of policy and administrative matters on the agenda, including an updated framework for accreditation, the integrated results management framework, and a review of GCF's Request for Proposals modality. Also on the agenda is the review of the Secretariat's capabilities to deliver the Strategic Plan for 2020-2023. This presents a series of recommendations to ensure that the Secretariat has the resources in place to deliver the ambitious strategic plan adopted by the Board last year.