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Independent Integrity Unit

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Introduction Introduction

The Independent Integrity Unit (IIU) ensures all GCF staff, in addition to external stakeholders, implementing entities and intermediaries relating to GCF adhere to the highest standards of integrity.

The IIU investigates allegations of fraud, corruption, misconduct and other prohibited practices. These include coercive and collusive practices, abuse, conflict of interest and retaliation against whistleblowers.

This independent unit also takes a proactive approach to prevent problems arising in the future. It prevents fraud and corruption, and other prohibited practices, by establishing integrity policies and guidelines. It also recommends further improvements to existing GCF policies and procedures.

The IIU promotes awareness of GCF's integrity standards with implementing entities and intermediaries, and executing entities. It also collaborates and shares experiences with multilateral funds, international finance institutions and other relevant parties about integrity matters.

As a body independent from the GCF Secretariat, the IIU reports directly to the GCF Board and the Ethics and Audit Committee, which is made up of GCF Board members.

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Reporting Fraud Reporting Fraud

Reporting fraud, corruption and other prohibited practices

Please contact the IIU immediately () if you witness or suspect fraud or other related activities, as detailed above, concerning GCF and other related bodies or individuals.

All information provided will be treated with the highest level of confidence.

Networks with international counterpart authorities Networks with international counterpart authorities

Networks with international counterpart authorities

To establish close relationships with relevant counterpart authorities and to ensure the Unit is at the frontier of relevant practices, IIU actively participates in the following networks:
  • International Financial Institutions Anti-Corruption Task Force – IIU subscribes to IFI Anti-Corruption Task Force’s Uniform Framework for preventing and combating fraud and corruption in the operations of GCF.
  • Conference of International Investigators (CII) –  IIU is a registered member to CII, a community of practice, and the professional body that sets standards for investigative offices in international institutions.
  • UN Representatives of Investigative Services (UN-RIS) – IIU was formally accepted into UN-RIS, a professional network covering investigation functions within the UN System.

Head of unit Head of unit

Head of unit

Ibrahim Pam is Head of GCF’s Independent Integrity Unit. He previously worked as an Analyst and Investigator in the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC), and then as Chief Investigator in the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Department of the African Development Bank (AfDB). As delegate, Ibrahim participated in the drafting of the African Union Convention on Combating and Preventing Corruption, as well as of the UN Convention Against Corruption. He also assisted in developing the General Principles for Review of Investigative Offices of the Conference of International Investigators (CII). Most recently, he was Resident Investigator at the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services for the UN Mission in South Sudan. Ibrahim holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Jos and a Master in Criminal Justice Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Ibrahim is the current Chair of the 2018 19th Conference of International Investigators (CII).

Contact Contact


Please contact the Head of the IIU if you have any integrity matters you wish to discuss. Questions and feedback are also welcome. All correspondence will be treated with discretion.

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