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GCF 101

A comprehensive guide on how to access the Green Climate Fund.
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Readiness is about engaging country stakeholders to be successful and impactful in their engagement with GCF. This planning arm of GCF funding support goes beyond helping countries and organisations take their first steps in working with the Fund. It continues capacity building throughout the lifecycle of their engagement with GCF. More details here about how the GCF readiness programme enables developing countries remain in the driving seat of climate action.

Empowering Countries +
Country ownership

The essence of GCF’s Readiness Programme is to enhance developing country access to the Fund. All developing countries can use the Readiness Programm – with a particular focus on the most vulnerable countries, including Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and African States.


Accredited Entities partner with the Green Climate Fund to implement projects. Guided by the Fund’s investment framework and the priorities of developing country governments, Accredited Entities convert concepts into action. They work alongside countries to come up with project ideas, and submit funding proposals for the GCF Board to approve. Read more here about how to become an accredited entity.

Getting Accredited +
Country ownership

GCF promotes country ownership through National Designated Authorities (NDAs), or focal points, which developing countries choose as their conduit to the Fund. Organisations in developing countries require NDA nomination to become Direct Access Accredited Entities. While this is not the case for International Accredited Entities, all funding proposals require NDA support to gain GCF support.


GCF achieves its goals by financing climate action projects in developing countries. This section of GCF 101 provides a simple guide about how to bring climate finance ideas to the Fund. It includes a description of how GCF evaluates the proposals it receives.

Funding Projects +
Country ownership

GCF ensures climate finance flows in the direction set by developing countries. The GCF funding approval process only gets started after receiving a developing country green light. Every climate initiative GCF agrees to fund must be endorsed, through a no objection letter, by the relevant developing country NDA or focal point.


Project approval is just the start of the GCF journey. After the GCF Board approves a funding proposal, GCF and the Accredited Entity work closely to ensure climate initiatives are implemented efficiently, in a timely manner, and do not cause any unforeseen harm to the places or people where the project is implemented.

More details here about how funding ideas are transformed to action on the ground.

Implementing Projects +
Country ownership

GCF will continue to work closely with developing country NDAs, or focal points, during the implementation and monitoring phases which follow the Fund’s approval of climate finance projects.
country ownership