Meet iTAP webinar: Climate change adaptation rationale

21 June 2021

  • Event type Webinar
  • Participation
    By invitation only
  • Date 21 June 2021
  • Location Virtual

In this edition of "Meet iTAP", iTAP member Ahsan Uddin Ahmed delves into the topic of establishing project-specific climate change adaptation rationale. Under the title "Establishing project-specific climate rationale: A step-by-step approach", Ahsan outlines a 10-step process for justifying the connection between a proposed project and climate change. This includes:   

  • Step 1: Define the problem statement  
  • Step 2: Assess how the country’s observational network can be used  
  • Step 3: Identify indicators based on key climatic parameters 
  • Step 4: Analyse data to establish historical trends of key climatic parameters  
  • Step 5: Explain any data gaps and challenges 
  • Step 6: Choose a model for future projection 
  • Step 7: Select a scenario and a baseline timeframe for model projections 
  • Step 8:Select a timeframe for applying the model  
  • Step 9: Apply validated model to generate outputs  
  • Step 10: Outline anticipated extent of climate change and measures to address adverse impacts


  • Ahsan Uddin Ahmed, Member of iTAP  
  • Daniel Nolasco, Chair of iTAP   
  • Abdullah Bikzad, iTAP Operations Consultant