SIV – Climate Resilient and Green Housing Platform for Africa

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SIV – Climate Resilient and Green Housing Platform for Africa

Social Infra Ventures Africa (“SIV”) is a climate-resilient, green and gender-responsive housing platform for North, West and East Africa. Given (i) the near doubling of Africa’s population by 2050 to 2.5bln people, (ii) an increase in the continent’s urbanization rate from 40% to 60%, and (iii) the disproportional impact of climate change on African countries, SIV seeks to offer a low-cost and sustainable solution for the growing housing gap at the base of the pyramid.

The Project is to launch and scale SIV’s development and rental operations in the Kingdom of Morocco (Phase 1), before replicating the concept in other North and West African countries from year 5 onwards (Phase 2, not part of this application).

As Accredited Entity, Attijariwafa Bank (“AWB”) together with its implementation partner and sub-grantee Cardano Development (“CD”), are looking to implement project preparation activities in the following five areas in order to develop the attached Concept Note into a Funding Proposal:

  1. Local market studies
  2. Feasibility studies in the areas of climate resilience, climate mitigation, and project development
  3. Stakeholder engagement, Social and Environmental Standards, Gender and Youth studies
  4. Theory of Change, Impact Management and Results Framework, Performance against GCF Investment Criteria
  5. Legal and other pre-contract services
Cover date 02 September 2023
Document type Approved project preparation funding application
Attijariwafa Bank