Sectoral guide: Agriculture and food security

This guide seeks to provide an overview of country needs and evidence-based programming experiences in the agriculture and food security (agriculture) sector. It aims to guide proposal development in the sector for the GCF in line with its investment criteria during its first replenishment period 2020-2023.

This sector guide was released for consultation in November 2020 and the consultation was open until the end of January 2021 to provide sufficient time for stakeholder to provide inputs. Consultation was open to the Board, advisers, observers, NDAs, Direct and International Access Entities, civil society, private sector representatives, partner institutions and sector experts. The Secretariat received more than 660 specific comments and feedback on this draft. This consultation version 1 is an updated version of the Guide that incorporates all comments and feedback received.

The sectoral guides will be submitted to the GCF Board for its consideration in 2022. In the meantime, GCF remains open to further comments on this draft. For further inquiries please contact us via: [email protected]

Cover date 10 September 2021
Document type Publication Guides