SA Water Reuse Programme (“WRP”)

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SA Water Reuse Programme (“WRP”)

SOUTH AFRICA IS CONSIDERED TO BE A WATER SCARCE COUNTRY and is projecting a 17% water deficit by 2030 (National Water and Sanitation Master Plan, 2018) (“NWSMP”). According to the NWSMP there is a need to optimise the water mix which is currently strongly dominated by surface water, with some groundwater and return flows, to a water mix that includes increased groundwater use, re-use of effluent from waste water treatment plants, water reclamation, as well as desalination and treated acid mine drainage. Despite being a water scarce country, the country is continuing to lose this valuable resource down its rivers and into the ocean. The improvement of water conservation, water quality and water-use efficiency is a key national priority, when compared against a global rainfall average of 870 mm per year, the country only receives 450mm. Water is unsustainably being utilised – demand is outstripping supply. Climate change adaptation requires water reuse be addressed more systematically and at scale.


  • Mobilise resources to scale up water reuse in an effective, efficient, equitable, sustainable and financially viable manner.


  • Establish a programmatic approach to water reuse in South Africa
  • Provide a funding option to address market constraints and play a catalytic role with a blended finance approach, to increase climate related water reuse investments in South Africa – establish water reuse as a new asset class in South Africa

Executing entity

  • DBSA through the establishment of a Water Reuse Programme Office and development of an alternative funding option for water reuse projects in SA

Implementing entities

  • Department of Human Settlements and Water and Sanitation (“DHSWS”) – national government lead
  • Water Research Commission – advisory and sector linkages
  • Municipalities through the implementation of water reuse projects

It is intended that the WRP will be a National Programme that will support and facilitate the preparation and implementation of water reuse projects in municipalities within South Africa.

Cover date 29 October 2019
Document type Concept note
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