Risk appetite statement (Component II)

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Risk appetite statement (Component II)

In order to achieve its mission to promote paradigm shift towards low-emission and climate-resilient development pathways, the GCF will be required to take various forms of risks. The definition of these risks is included in the risk register (part of the RMF).

This document provides a statement of the levels of risk that the GCF is willing to take (the Fund’s “appetite” for risk). The risks are differentiated across the types defined in the risk register (part of the RMF), and are further differentiated between risks inherent with running a large fund, and risks specific to the considered funding proposals.

The risk appetite statement is the desired risk profile for the GCF as a whole across the full spectrum of risk-types defined in the risk register (another component of the RMF).

Cover date 06 July 2017
Document type Policies, strategies, and guidelines
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Linkages with previous decisions and other documents
  • Objective
  • Structure of the risk appetite statement
  • Risk appetite statement
  • Effective date
  • Revisions to the risk appetite statement
  • Reporting of risk appetite