Readiness Support for the Implementation of the IRMF for SPC

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Readiness Support for the Implementation of the IRMF for SPC

With growing number of proposals under formulation as well as projects moving into implementation, it is critical that SPC is able to report against GCF’s new Integrated Results Management Framework (IRMF) in a manner that is efficient, effective and consistent across its GCF portfolio.  

SPC’s corporate Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) activities are governed by its Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Reflection and Learning Policy (PEARL) policy and coordinated by the Strategy, Performance and Learning (SPL) unit, with MEL advisors embedded throughout the organization. SPL leads the development of SPC’s annual Results Report, assessing the performance of project and programs against SPC’s Key Focus Areas as well as the contribution of SPC’s activities to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  

SPC is currently reviewing its Strategic Results Framework, and in the coming year will update its MEL system and tools in alignment with the new Strategic Plan 2022–2031.This will achieve clearer visibility of results from project to divisional and organizational level as well as at portfolio level for development partners such as GCF.  

At present, SPC has strong MEL and reporting capabilities at both project and corporate levels, which will be further improved with the review of the Strategic Results Framework and update MEL system. However, the existing systems and processes do not yet incorporate reporting against the GCF’s new IRMF. This is likely to constrain efficient MEL and adaptive management of GCF projects and programs within SPC’s portfolio as DAE. Moreover, it limits SPC’s ability to undertake accurate, efficient and systematic portfolio-level management. Consequently, reporting across and within individual GCF projects within the portfolio is likely to be manual, time consuming and not standardized, resulting in greater transaction and opportunity costs.  

The systems put in place by this proposal will enable outputs from technical backstopping under the Regional Readiness grant to plug directly into a centralized and multifunctional MEL tool that aligns with GCF IRMF indicators. This will allow for strengthened project-level monitoring and data management, increased efficiency of data aggregation at the portfolio level, and streamlined reporting within individual projects and across the SPC portfolio. This increase in efficiency will free up human resource time, allowing richer data analysis to synthesize learning from the active portfolio. Lessons will be used to inform ongoing implementation, as well as inform designs to maximize impact and further SPC’s inputs towards the goals of the GCF IRMF. 

Cover date 13 March 2023
Document type Approved readiness proposal
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