NDA Strengthening and Country Programme update for Vanuatu

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NDA Strengthening and Country Programme update for Vanuatu

To ensure GoV’s planning, implementation and monitoring of climate finance, the NDA office needs management systems that enable them to fulfil their role, responsibilities and policy requirements, and make sure they are operational and effective (outcome 1.1). Hence, an M&E system must be upgraded to support GCF CP implementation (output 1.1.1) and the MCCA staff must be trained to use it (activity 1.1.1). To this end, an M&E manual and centralized online platform for data collection and aggregation will be developed and made operational (deliverable 1.1.1a).  

Moreover, climate finance must be tracked and monitored for improved planning, decision making and implementation (output 1.1.2). To achieve this, enhancing climate finance tracking systems is necessary, along with training the NDA office and relevant Departments from the MCCA and MFEM on using such a tracking tool (activity 1.1.2). As a deliverable, the tool will be operational and available to the NDA office, MFEM and other government agencies (deliverable 1.1.2a).  

These two outputs will address current challenges in coordinating M&E and tracking of climate finance as well as the limited availability of technical and financial resources to do so.  

In addition, Vanuatu’s GCF CP will be updated to guide GCF investment and program readiness support (outcome 2.1). For this purpose, climate change priorities will be identified and reflected in an updated GCF CP (output 2.1.1). Through a consultative process, all climate-related focus areas will be identified and priorities will be linked to relevant funding sources (activity 2.1.1), specifically outlining GCF priority projects within the updated GCF CP. This will also include a Readiness needs assessment to identify GoV’s capacity needs for implementing the GCF CP (deliverable 2.1.1a). The private sector will also be involved in the consultation process to determine possible priorities and contributions from private sector entities to realization of the GCF CP.  

This output will directly address the limited technical and financial resources available to identify and guide priorities for climate finance programming. 

Cover date 16 March 2023
Document type Approved readiness proposal
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