National Adaptation Planning for Integrated Water Resources Management in Belize

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National Adaptation Planning for Integrated Water Resources Management in Belize

The National Hydrological Service (NHS) of Belize is charged with the responsibility of managing all of Belize’s freshwater resources. However, the office faces several constraints including limited technical capacities, human resources, and knowledge to design, implement and maintain innovative adaptation technologies restricting their capacity to implement their IWRM framework. These challenges are exacerbated by significant data and information gaps. Limited exploration of 1 of 7 Groundwater reserves have been explored, resulting in a dearth of groundwater data to inform adaptation planning and management practices. Important data sets such as aquifer characteristics have not been determined impacting management practices not only for the water sector but also for associated sectors such as agriculture and the potable water supplier, Belize Water Services Limited.

Additionally, the demands for water and its varied impact on men and women or their differing adaptation capacities are largely unknown. There is a paucity of information regarding (a) the availability of groundwater resources (b) the level of demand/usage and (c) the quality of the groundwater. Furthermore, water resources management in Belize is plagued by limited access to financial resources. This impedes investments in water-related adaptation measures and is accompanied by limited outreach and awareness building activities focused on highlighting the impacts of climate change and water resources management. The combine effect of this, results in the existing policy, legal and institutional environments governing water resources management not sufficiently accounting for climate change risk. Therefore, this Readiness request will support the capacitation and empowerment of the Government of Belize, specifically the National Hydrological Service, to manage Belize’s water resources in a changing climate. Indirect beneficiaries of the project are vulnerable groups, women, children, rural, population affected by floods; research and educational institutions; students and researchers; non-governmental organizations; civil society organizations; and the private sector. Activities under this readiness are designed to support:

  • Outcome 3.1: Adaptation planning governance and institutional coordination strengthened.
  • Outcome 3.2: Evidence basis produced to design adaptation solutions for maximum impact.
  • Outcome 3.4: Adaptation finance increased.

The outputs which will support these outcomes are as follows;

  • 3.1.1: Climate responsive National Adaptation Plan and Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Framework for the water resources management developed.
  • 3.2.1: Climate impacts and coastal influences analyses on ground water resources produced via a gender inclusive and participatory process, to inform adaptation solutions for improved decision making.
  • 3.2.2: Observation, monitoring and forecasting systems for integrated water resources management strengthened through improved adaptation knowledge management, information sharing, and communication systems.
  • 3.4.1: Concept notes and financial sustainability action plan developed for adaptation priorities.

This readiness request will support Belize in addressing key challenges which are necessary for comprehensive adaptation planning in the water sector.

Cover date 05 November 2021
Document type Approved readiness proposal
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre