Multi-country Project Advancing Early Warnings for All (EW4All)

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Multi-country Project Advancing Early Warnings for All (EW4All)

PPF resources will be used to prepare a full proposal which accelerates the delivery of the priority actions required to meet the targets of Early Warnings for All (EW4All) as announced by the United Nations Secretary General at COP-27 in March 2023. The resulting EW4All programme will stimulate the design and funding of multiple regional delivery mechanism, global and regional initiatives to support financial and technical needs of countries and formulation of national projects that lead to the institution of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems and their effective use by the most vulnerable communities.

Seven country specific proposals including country specific pre-feasibility studies, economic analysis, gender analysis and safeguard assessments will be prepared for each of the 7 countries, namely Antigua, Cambodia, Chad, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji and Somalia. A letter to GCF stating project preparation activities will be under full compliance with the relevant UNSC Resolution has been appended.

UNDP will contribute to this effort in terms of national expertise from each of the seven Country Offices and in supporting the groundwork for the in-depth assessments required for proposal development as well as in coordinating national and global stakeholders. UNDP will further tap into its own global expertise in shaping these national projects bringing in inhouse expertise as required. The participating countries and the UNDP will support the co-financing of each country proposal with in kind contributions (offices, officers time…etc).The in-kindcontribution of UNDP towards PPF activities have been provided in Table E. Note that parallel co-financing is being mobilised for the EW4All initiative by its pillars and each participating country, however this is not being directly utilized for activities to be funded via this PPF.

Cover date 17 September 2023
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