Investment risk policy (Component V)

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Investment risk policy (Component V)

The Investment Risk Policy defines investment risk management requirements related to the risk of failure of a Funded Activity or Readiness / Project Preparation Facility (“PPF”) Proposal to deliver the expected impact, or the risk of delay or shortfall of reflows from these activities. This Policy is not intended to detail the operational processes in relation to Funded Activities or Readiness / PPF, as the operational processes will be specified in the GCF Operations Manual for the Funded Project Lifecycle.

This document captures the policy as adopted by the Board in decision B.19/04. The policy was sent to the Board for consideration at B.19 in document GCF/B.19/19 titled “Risk management framework: Proposal by the Risk Management Committee”.

All decisions and documents adopted at B.19 can be found in document GCF/B.19/43 titled “Decisions of the Board – nineteenth meeting of the Board, 26 February – 1 March 2018”.

Cover date 01 March 2018
Document type Policies, strategies, and guidelines
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Objectives and scope
  • Investment risk management – Funded Activity
  • Investment risk management – Readiness/PPF Project
  • Foreign Exchange (“FX”) risk in reflows
  • Administrative provisions