Initial no-objection procedure

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Initial no-objection procedure

The purpose of the no‐objection procedure is to ensure consistency with national climate strategies and plans and country-driven approaches, and to provide for effective direct and indirect public and private sector financing by the Fund. A no-objection is a condition for approval of all funding proposals submitted to the Fund.

The no-objection should be provided to the Secretariat in conjunction with any submission of a funding proposal seeking Fund funding.

In the case of applications for accreditation by sub-national, national and regional implementing entities and intermediaries, the national designated authority (NDA) or focal point will facilitate the communication of applications of implementing entities and intermediaries for accreditation to the Fund.

Cover date 17 October 2014
Document type Policies, strategies, and guidelines
Table of contents
  • Purpose
  • Communication of no-objection to funding proposals
  • Dissemination of the no-objection procedure
  • Review of the no-objection procedure