GCF's digital agenda: a briefing

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GCF's digital agenda: a briefing

In order to deliver on the GCF-1 ambitions, the Secretariat has prioritized becoming a fully digital organization. It has developed the GCF Digital Agenda: 2020 – 2023, which has four objectives:

  1. Increase operational efficiency to improve speed of delivery
  2. Enhance transparency and accountability
  3. Improve GCF’s capacity to actively identify and manage risks
  4. Reduce workload and create a safe, innovative and flexible workplace

In order to achieve these objectives, the Digital Agenda has four pillars: (i) digital workplace, (ii) digitalising business operations, (iii) data-driven GCF, and (iv) digitalising collaboration and engagement. A visual overview is provided at the end of this annex.

Cover date 01 March 2021
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