GCF/B.38/10: Board work plan for 2024 – 2027

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GCF/B.38/10: Board work plan for 2024 – 2027

This document presents a proposed Board work plan for 2024-2027. The proposed work plan sets out principles for shifting toward a steadier and more predictable pace of Board work, focusing on the key programming and strategic policy decisions needed to implement the GCF Strategic Plan 2024-2027 (USP-2). The work plan is premised on addressing the critical strategic challenges set out in USP-2 to significantly enhance GCF support to developing countries, improve access, and strive to deliver the highest levels of catalytic impact. As part of this, it will address Board mandates, establish more consistent Fund-wide policy standards, enhance governance practices, and improve the multi-cycle planning and consultation of decisions to ensure their readiness for consideration by the Board.

For 2024, the proposed work programme is focused on delivering on key operational and institutional priorities identified in USP-2 to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of GCF delivery.

The Secretariat drafted the document in conjunction with the Co-Chairs. It was part of the consultations alongside the Independent Redress Mechanism, the Independent Integrity Unit, and the Independent Evaluation Unit.

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Cover date 13 February 2024