GCF/B.34/27: Accreditation strategy of the Green Climate Fund

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GCF/B.34/27: Accreditation strategy of the Green Climate Fund

The updated Strategic Plan for the GCF 2020–2023 adopted in decision B.27/06 contained key actions to improve access to GCF resources. It included adopting a more strategic approach to accreditation, for which GCF would undertake, as soon as possible, an analysis of the current accredited entity (AE) portfolio to identify strengths and gaps in coverage and capabilities, informed by country programming needs. In response to decision B.31/06, the Secretariat presented an analysis of the AE portfolio in document GCF/B.32/08 at the thirty-second meeting of the Board. In response to paragraph (p) of decision B.31/06, the Secretariat, under the guidance of the Co-Chairs, prepared the accreditation strategy in document GCF/B.33/08 for consideration by the Board. Consultations were conducted with the Board, AEs, national designated authorities and observers and circulated to the Board in document GCF/B.33/08/Add.01.

This document lays out a draft accreditation strategy under the guidance of the Co-Chairs. It notes that GCF is implicitly following a hybrid operating model with both ambitious transformative programming targets and AE capacity development objectives. To optimize this model, the draft accreditation strategy includes proposals aiming to:

  • Enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and inclusiveness of the GCF accreditation and re-accreditation process;
  • Strategically use accreditation of partners to advance the goals of GCF, including by filling gaps in capabilities and coverage to deliver on high quality, transformational and paradigm-shifting programming while increasing the share of direct access entities; and
  • Optimize incentives for partners to invest in a dedicated capacity to programme for GCF.

It notes the need to clarify the GCF operating model to right-size its AE network, and to improve its process efficiency to reduce transaction costs for its partners; strategically use accreditation of partners to fill in gaps in capabilities and coverage; and adopt a tailor-made approach to optimizing AE performance based on their capacity and engagement levels.

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