GCF/B.22/13: Policy on Prohibited Practices

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GCF/B.22/13: Policy on Prohibited Practices

This document proposes a Green Climate Fund (GCF) Policy on Prohibited Practices in accordance with Board decisions (decisions B.12/31, paragraph (i), B.14/01, paragraph (e), and B.15/13).

This is in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the Independent Integrity Unit (IIU), and with Board decision B.15/20, which requires the IIU to develop policies and procedures that define and prescribe integrity violations in the operations of the GCF.

The purpose of this Policy is to establish the specific conduct and activities which are prohibited by the Fund the obligations of Covered Individuals and Counterparties to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to avoid prohibited practices; and the actions which the GCF may take when Prohibited Practices occur in Fund-related activities.

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Cover date 01 February 2019