GCF/B.20/05: Annual update on complementarity and coherence

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GCF/B.20/05: Annual update on complementarity and coherence

At its seventeenth meeting, the Board requested the Secretariat to present a report on the progress made and outputs from the operational framework on complementarity and coherence. The Board requested that this report be presented for its consideration in 2018, and that the Secretariat provide an annual update on its status thereafter. This document presents the requested update for 2018.

The document provides input for a Board discussion on fund-to-fund arrangements with other climate funds, considering progress and limitations in implementing the operational framework across the climate finance landscape and taking into account a detailed analysis of the experience on support for adaptation across different funds as well as areas where further arrangements are possible.

This document also provides an update on 2017-2018 activities with regard to enhancing complementarity at the activity level, promotion of coherence at the national programming level, and actions regarding complementarity at the level of delivery of climate finance through an established dialogue. This 2017-2018 update may also serve as input to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Standing Committee on Finance. The document also outlines next steps.

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