GCF/B.09/10: Gender Policy and Action Plan

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GCF/B.09/10: Gender Policy and Action Plan

In response to decision B.05/22, the Secretariat prepared document GCF/B.06/13 Options for a Fund-wide Gender-sensitive Approach. At its sixth meeting, in its decision B.06/07, the Board,:

  • Requested the Secretariat to integrate gender considerations into the preparation of draft policy documents and draft documents containing operational modalities, in line with the Governing Instrument, including those documents for consideration by the Board at its seventh meeting; and
  • Requested the Secretariat to prepare a draft gender policy and action plan for discussion at the seventh meeting of the Board, consistent with a country-driven approach, including through consultation with relevant bodies and observer organizations, for adoption at its eighth meeting.

This document responds to the Board’s requests. The preparation of the report included:

  • A review of the comments made during the Board discussion of document GCF/B.06/13 and of document GCF/B.08/19 Gender Policy and Action Plan and the relevant decisions recorded in documents GCF/B.06/18 and GCF/B.07/11;
  • A review of gender policies, gender action plans and portfolio reviews from several climate change funds and other institutions, as well as taking into account lessons learned from the implementation of projects and programmes (GCF/B.06/13); and
  • Consultations in four separate sessions with representatives from civil society, climate change funding organizations and public and private sector practitioners, including from developing and industrialized countries.
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