GCF/B.08/Inf.02: Progress Report on Accreditation

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GCF/B.08/Inf.02: Progress Report on Accreditation

In decision B.07/02 of May 2014 , the Board requested the Secretariat to elaborate, under the guidance of the Accreditation Committee and the Accreditation Panel, the following:

  • Guidelines for the operationalization of a fit‐for‐purpose accreditation approach that matches the nature, scale and risks of proposed activities to the application of the initial fiduciary standards and interim environmental and social safeguards (ESS); and
  • A work programme on complementarity and coherence with the accreditation systems and processes of other relevant funds, as well as relevant private sector associations, in consultation with the Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) and relevant stakeholders;

The Board further requested the Secretariat to issue a progress report by September on the above two items.

This Progress Report sets out the steps that have been taken in response to the above request.

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