GCF/B.08/30: Travel Policy

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GCF/B.08/30: Travel Policy

The Secretariat recognizes that travellers on official business act in the best interest of the Fund. However, in doing so, travellers should be prudent and cost‐conscious with respect to business travel practices and should also bear in mind that travel expenses represent a significant component of the Fund’s administrative costs. Travellers are therefore also responsible for controlling travel expenses and adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in the Travel Policy.

The Travel Policy is not intended to cover every possible situation. Instead, it is meant to guide the travellers and the staff administering the travel in making appropriate judgments about the use of the Secretariat’s travel funds. It is does not preclude the Fund to make, on a competitive basis, comprehensive arrangements with one or more airlines to provide services to the Fund, if such arrangements respond to the needs of the Fund and are conducive to incurring savings.

Complementary guidelines will be issued covering all sections of the Travel Policy.

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Cover date 09 October 2014