GCF/B.05/18: Resource Mobilization

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GCF/B.05/18: Resource Mobilization

At its meeting in March 2013 in Berlin, Germany, the Board, through decision B.01-13/09, approved the scope of further work on resource mobilization for the Fund, set out in Annex II of document GCF/B.01-13/07, which states:

  • March to September 2013. The Interim Secretariat will prepare a resource mobilization strategy document for consideration by the Board at its meeting in September 2013. In doing so, the Interim Secretariat will operate under the guidance of the Co-Chairs and take into consideration the guidance on the Fund’s resource mobilization provided by the Board during its meeting in March 2013, as well as the guidance provided by the Board on the Fund’s business model framework. The strategy document will lay out key elements and a timeline for organizing the initial resource mobilization for the Fund.
  • Board meeting in September 2013: The Board will consider the resource mobilization strategy and take decisions on the Fund’s approach to resource mobilization and key factors determining how that approach will be implemented.”

This document should be read in conjunction with Document GCF/B.01-13/07. At its October 2013 meeting, the Board will also consider document GCF/B.05/04 Business Model Framework: Financial Inputs, which discusses the forms and sources of financial inputs.

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